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What is a Virtual Business Address?

Learn more about what a virtual business address is and how it can help make your business easier to run.  Checkout the useful guide from My Mailbox Services.

So …. What is a virtual address?

If you’re looking into starting up a new business – or making significant changes to an existing company, large or small – you may have heard a lot about “virtual offices”.  Lot’s of business owners are using these services to save money, streamline admin processes, and present a more professional outward appearance to both clients and colleagues alike.

A virtual office can cover a number of different services that are provided by companies like ourselves.

Typically services include a choice of registered office address, virtual mailbox address, and mail collection or mail forwarding services.

Costs for these services depend on the level of service you require.

We also provide a plus package which includes a Directors’ service address, which allows each director that subscribes for the service to use our business address as their official directors address, thus keeping their own personal address private.

So … What are the benefits of a virtual address?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is what is a virtual office address and how can it help me?.  The main reasons these services are becoming so popular for business include;

  • Professional appearance – a virtual business address often looks more prestigious than using a personal address.
  • Customer confidence – often customers feel more confident dealing with a business that trades from a business address as opposed to a home address.
  • Privacy – it protects your personal address information from becoming public records
  • Cost Saving – it is significantly cheaper to use a virtual office address than renting an office space with all the associated overheads.
  • Easy to setup – you can get up and running from your address very quickly.
  • Additional support services available – such as the mail collection, forwarding and mailbox services to ensure all of your business mail is collected and managed in an efficient manner.
  • No long term lease – contracts for registered office address services start with an initial three month period and are rolling thereafter, so you can cancel with short notice if you need to do so.
  • Access to mail from anywhere with a virtual mailbox
  • Management of corporate mail for remote workers

But best of all, depending on which elements of a virtual office package you choose to sign up for with us, prices can start from as little as £20 per month.