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Registered Office Address Services

Registered Office Address Services

You are required to provide a formal registered office address for your company as part of your registration with Companies House.

Why Do I Need a Registered Address?

The registered address is the address where all formal company communications must be delivered, this is usually either Companies House or HMRC Correspondence. The address must be;
• A physical address in the UK
• In the same country your company is registered in, so for companies registered in Northern Ireland their Registered address must also be in Northern Ireland.

You can use a PO Box number, but you must still provide a physical address and a postcode.
Your registered address will be publicly available on the Companies House online register and can be searched and made visible to anyone.

Should I use my Personal Address as my Registered Office Address?

Yes, you can absolutely use your own residential address as your registered office, however, there are reasons why this may not be the best course of action, and if you rent your property you may be forbidden from using your address by your landlord.

By using your personal address, you are making this information publicly available to anyone who wishes to see it,  and this can expose you to unwanted mail, or include visits from public officials and/or creditors.

Once the information is placed on the public register it will remain there, even if you later decide to change your registered address to elsewhere.

Do I Need a Registered office Address Service or a Virtual Mailbox Account?

Our registered office address service is a basic plan which allows you use of our address for use on the public register, it also covers the receiving, opening, and scanning and emailing on your postal mail for all official company mail.  Whereas, our Virtual Mailbox plans for business include the following features in addition to the use of the registered office address use:

– Management of all postal mail
– Provision of a free business telephone number
– Access to a small parcel locker for collecting your mail and/or small parcels
– Access to a virtual mailbox account so you can view mail when it arrives and can decide how you want each individual item of mail processed.

Is There Anything Else I should be aware of?

In addition to registering the company’s address at Companies House, you will also have to provide an address for each of the Directors of the company, and again using a personal address as your directors service address will result on this information being made public.
You can find out more about the Director’s Service Address here.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for our Registered office address service here – Registered Office Address Service.