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Company Formation Services

    About Your New Company

    Company Formation Information Request

    This information will be used to check the availability of your company name and other information to be held on the statutory records. Please take the time to review your answers as you go.

    Primary Contact Details

    This will be the primary contact for any updates about the formation of the company. It is important that the provided contact details are correct.

    Company Owners

    You said that company will just have one shareholder.

    To simplify the process you can use the standard shareholding allocation for the shareholder or you can choose to customise the shareholding to your own requirements.

    What does this mean?
    The ownership of the company equates to the number and value of shares each shareholder is assigned. The standard share allocation gives the shareholder 1 share valued at £1.

    Please select whether you wish to use the standard allocation or customise it. Alternatively you can choose to have more than one shareholder.

    Stakeholder Details

    Please enter the information for the stakeholder below. It is important that the information entered is accurate and matches exactly what is on identification documents (e.g Passport, Drivers Licence). If this information is not correct, your application may be rejected.

    Nature & Type of Control

    Please provide some information on the type of control or influence the PSC will have.

    Assign shares

    The ownership of the company equates to the number and value of shares each shareholder is assigned. For example: if Pete has 1 share valued at £1 and Freddie has 3 shares valued at £1 each, then Pete owns 25% of the company and Freddie owns 75%
    We have set a default share allocation that gives all shareholders an equal stake in the company. However, you should allocate the shares as you wish, you can change the default by selecting below.

    Business Setup

    Your Privacy
    Your company's registered office address and that of your Directors and Shareholders will be visible on the Public Register, which everyone can see.
    To keep your details private, use our Registered Office Address Service.