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Click N Collect


Our click and collect service is designed to make your parcel collections easier. You no longer need to sit around at home waiting on that delivery or worse still receive a failed delivery notification. You can simply arrange for your online purchases to be delivered to our Click & Collect At business address and then come and collect at a time that suits you.


Registration is easy, you just need to pay your one-off registration fee of £25.00, we will then send you your registration form which you complete and send back to together with your ID. Once your account has been approved you are free to start using your service. Each delivery thereafter to your box is charged at a flat rate fee of £3.50.

You can also submit your details via our registration form here:

Completed forms can be returned to

Our registration fee for the click and collect service is for light use only, if you require a dedicated mailbox for your business use you can sign up for this service seperately.

The maximum parcel size that we can accept at present under this service is 10cm x 34cm x 40cm. If you require us to accept delivery of a larger parcel please contact us at and we can arrange this for you.

How Do You Arrange Delivery to your Mailbox Service?:

To arrange for your delivery to arrive at your mailbox simply enter your delivery address as follows:
**Your Name**
My Mailbox Services Ltd
6 Margaret Street
Co Down
BT34 1DF

Once your delivery has been received you will receive a confirmation email and you then have up to 72 hours to collect your parcel.

What happens if I can't collect within 72 hours?:
If you can't collect within the designated time frame just contact our customer support at and we can arrange to reschedule your collection, but please note this may be subject to an administration fee.

If we don't hear from you and your parcel is not collected we will remove it from the mailbox and send you a further notification to reschedule, and again this will be subject to an administration fee.

If after a reminder we still do not hear from you we reserve the right to destroy the item or return to sender.

How many parcels can I have delivered each month under this service?:

This service is designed for light personal use only, if you require regular ongoing deliveries or you need a business service please refer to our dedicated mailbox rental options or contact us to discuss other options.

Under this service we do not expect deliveries to be no more than 5 per month.

What if I only want one item delivered as a one off collection?:

We can arrange for you to receive a one off collection at our business address, the fee for this service is slightly higher at £5.00 per collection. Simply select as a one-off service on your registration form and we will contact you to confirm your delivery timeslot.